Opera workshop of young composers and lyricists in Rheinsberg

Since its establishment in the year 2001, the opera workshop of the Chamber Opera Castle Rheinsberg has become a much-considered forum for opera of the 21st century.

In the 400-years history of the opera, the contemporary opera work has always contributed crucially to advancement of the genre. At present, these new works are missing to a large extent. Young people can study composition, however not the composition of opera. Young poets are trained, but there is not a course of studies „opera libretto“ anywhere. There are composition competitions, but hardly for the concert hall or opera stage and without chance for the participants to test and improve their work in practice. The opera workshop Rheinsberg wants to close this gap. It should be the signal for the renewal of the music theatre and a way to show, how to lead out the opera from its present crisis.

The themes planned for performance represents explosive topics faraway to the present „Fun-Generation“, dedicated to humans in exceptional circumstances, light up political background and psychological abysses.

The connection with the promotion of young singers by the chamber opera castle Rheinsberg offers a unique opportunity, to develop operas of the 21st century in a practical and international surrounding environment.

Young composers and lyricists develop new opera works under guidance of experienced professors in artistic liberty and direct practice. The opera workshop Rheinsberg builds a connection between young composers and lyricists on the one hand and the theatres on the other hand. Decision makers of the theatres get offers of theatrically thought out opera-texts, tested in practical applications in order to encourage them, to give orders for composition and thus to oppose usual repertoire with the meaningful new works.