We need your commitment!

„The chamber opera castle Rheinsberg is a very special festival. Highly talented young singers experience professional work and education by the practice of opera on the stage. This makes it easier for them to start a career as an opera singer, which is a hard but beautiful profession. Young composers are enthusiastic to develop the opera of the 21st century in this opera-workshop. All that is needed more than ever by the Opera today - worldwide. Good reasons thus for a personal commitment, for which I ask you warmly.„

Daniel Barenboim, Head Conductor of the German State Opera Berlin President of the circle of friends of the chamber opera castle Rheinsberg (registered association)  

Friends circle of the Chamber Opera Castle Rheinsberg (registered association)

Daniel Barenboim, President

Dr. Jürgen Rütz, (Assistant chairman)
Petra Klockmann
Prof. Siegfried Matthus
Ursula Moorkamp
Detlef Müller
Ute Schindler
The Chamber Opera Castle Rheinsberg is promoted by public means, but does need further supporters and friends for the realization of the artistic concept.
With your commitment you support:
  • The discovery of young opera artists and their promotion on highest professional level, which radiates both local and worldwide
  • Artistic work for the advancement of opera on international level
  • Selected remarkable projects
  • Orders for compositions and Libretti

Do you want to engage yourselves?
Then you are welcome in the friend circle of the Chamber Opera Castle Rheinsberg (registered association). You can view the application form in the pdf format here; please print it and send your filled out request form to the indicated address. You become a member in the friend circle with an annuity starting from 25 euro per single member, 38 euro for married couples and 180 euro for companies. Of course you can transfer an increased contribution or a donation if you would like.

Account: 17 20 04 28 41
BLZ 160 502 02
Sparkasse Ostprignitz-Ruppin

As a member in the friends circle of the Chamber Opera Castle Rheinsberg (registered association)
  • You are always up to date about the festival, because you regularly receive information.
  • You can reserve special tickets for the performances in Rheinsberg and to the annual charity opera gala in the "Mercedes-World Berlin".
  • You can participate the opera journeys and experience singers, who began their career in Rheinsberg.
Friends circle of the Chamber Opera Castle Rheinsberg (r. a.)
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